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Welcome to website of
Finnish Pharaoh Hound and Ibizan Hound Club

Breed association of Pharaoh Hounds and Ibizan Hounds approved by the Finnish Kennel Club is established 1983. The purpose of the association is to promote the breeds and breeding

of purebred Pharaoh Hounds and Ibizan Hounds in Finland, and to promote the breeding and development of our breeds.

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Pharaoh Hound & Ibizan Hound Specialty

Sunday 18.6.2023

Rauhalahti, Kuopio

Official Specialty with CAC for Pharaoh Hounds and Ibizan Hounds.

More information here

If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact!

Jenna Leino (president of the Club) 
e-mail: onnentuojan(a)

Riikka Nieminen (secretary of the Club)
e-mail: farkkukerho(a)


For membership inquiries, please contact: farkkukerho(a)

The membership fee is 30€ / year

The membership fee includes two original magazines
and one magazine as an online publication.
Also some of our events have reduced the price for club members.

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