9.6.2018, Hämennlinna

tuomari Arja Pellinen


VSP Sawhorse's Sharp Shooter

PU2 Reedly Road Lynway

PU3 Reedly Road Oll Correct

PU4 Northgate's Rock The World

PU5 Sawhorse's Mighty Wonder

ROP NCM's All That Glitters Is Gold At Northate

PN2 Antefa's Xperiah To Reedly Road

PN3 Bazinga A Song Of Ice And Fire

PN4 Evita Of Siphra Arsinoé

PN5 Reedly Road Illuminated

KP 1 ROP KASV kennel Northgate's

KP2 kennel Reedly Road

KP3 kennel Onnentuojan

KP4 kennel Sawhorse's

KP 1 ROP JÄLK Bazinga A Song Of Ice And Fire


PU1 VSP Cazaion Cheferin

PU2 Barrongiz Captain Hook

PU3 Cazaion Ewandor

PU4 Fame and Glory Back To Innocence

PU5 Cazaion Amir

PN1 ROP Cazaion Chaneth

PN2 Cazaion Azeneth

PN3 Cazaion Chiaarah

PN4 Sinsline Scarlet

PN5 Amunet Of Bohemia Balada

KP 1 ROP KASVATTAJA Kennel Cazaion

KP 1 ROP JÄLK Amunet Of Bohemia Balada


10.6.2018, Hämeenlinna

tuomari Espen Engh, Norja


PU1 ROP Reedly Road Oll Correct​

PU2 Reedly Road Lynway​

PU3 Reedly Road Overtop

PU4 Reedly Road Quite Right

PN1 VSP NCM's All That Glitters Is Gold At Northgate

PN2 Reedly Road Illuminated

PN3 Red Calluna's Cherry In The Air

PN4 Bazinga A Song Of Ice And Fire

KP 1 ROP KASV kennel Reedly Road 

KP 2 kennel Faouziah's

KP 3 kennel Red Calluna's


lyhytkarvaiset (1+3)

ROP Cazaion Ashreeyah

karkeakarvaiset (3+4)

ROP ROP-VET Snout Wring That Rose

VSP VSP-VET La Reina De Tekoneva D'Snout

PN2 SERT Sinsline Scarlet